About us


Synctracks is an independent production music library that started with a simple concept: provide a diverse catalog of music at a competetive price point for the ever-changing content landscape. Our composers' music spans various styles, genres, instrumentations, and moods to cater to the wide variety of music needs across different industries. An epic orchestral piece for your Twitch clip, an upbeat rock track for your local commercial, or a minimalist sound design for your new podcast are all easily discoverable in our library.


While we love working with world renowned brands, working with storytellers, neighbourhood production teams, and independent visionaries is what inspires us.  Synctracks subscriptions are designed with these end users in mind. We've worked with everyone from upstart podcasters, independent production companies, and music supervisors on blockbuster films. See for yourself some of the brands, television shows, and movies we’ve worked with over the past year in our sizzler reel below.







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