About Us

Synctracks is a fresh, independent, London-based production music library. Our music is exclusive and unique to our catalogue, and we've home-grown it all with our talented composers from all over the globe.

Synctracks' pre-cleared platform makes music easy to license for use cross-platform, worldwide. We offer single track licences alongside bespoke production blankets to suit your requirements.
Create playlists, share your selection with others and download all our music in high quality and popular formats.

The team are always on hand and happy to assist with any music searches. Let us know what you want and we will work our hardest to find it. We can also offer our expertise with having bespoke music composed, working with our trusted and awesome composers, so do get in touch.


The Team

Yael - Manager / Music Supervisor. Yael joined in 2016 as a music supervisor before moving to the manager role where she works alongside composers, looks after the website and answers briefs. She landed from France with a PR background and worked in concert promotion in London. Yael loves all things music, all genres from pop to underground cultures and the quirkiest arthouse films. 

Jenn - Music Sales Coordinator. Silver-tongued, holstered with dynamite deals and all about making clients feel like the only people in the world, Jenn joined our sales team at the beginning of 2018 from South Africa. With experience at a major label under her belt, the electricity of London lured her in cross-hemisphere straight to our door to make sure that you have everything you need to take your production from ordinary to extraordinary.